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Welcome to Binks Industries,
Manufacturers of Pinhole Detectors

Binks Industries manufactures Pinhole Detectors that are in use Worldwide. Binks produces several different Pinhole Detector Models and offers optional ancillary equipment. The Binks Pinhole Detector function is to find holes as small as .001 in diameter in any opaque material, while the strip may be moving at speeds up to 5000 FPM, for classification and grading. We offer detectors for material widths from Four (4) to Eighty Four (84) inches. Our Phototube based Pinhole Detectors are sturdy, high reliability, low maintenance machines.

Manufacturers of Steel, Tinplate, Aluminum, Titanium Film and Polyfibron (plastic material used for battery separators) are our most common customers. Aside from the Continuous Coil Fed Pinhole Detector, Binks also produces a Cut Sheet Detector. A Binks Weld Location Detector is made to be used by Steel Mills to detect a weld hole in the steel strip so as to signal the shear blades to lift, thus saving damage to these expensive items.

The desired on-line "low maintenance" is achieved by the use of a patented fiber optic system used in conjunction with a single Photomultiplier Tube. The single Photomultiplier Tube System makes the Binks Pinhole Detector reliable, and easy to calibrate. Binks manufactures a very desirable Multi-Channel Pinhole Detector, which uses a complete optical system per operating channel (or "Zone"). The size of the channel is defined by dividing the required number of channels into overall width of the web as viewed by the detector. We offer Multi-Channel Pinhole Detectors with 2 to 10 Channels.

Binks has also produces a "Large Hole/Small Hole" Detector. By using two Parallel Optical systems, one individual system for the Small Hole and another individual system for the Large Hole, only one pass through the detector is required to properly grade the entire strip for both hole sizes. We can also provide Data Logging and Spray Marking Systems to record or mark the presence of a hole in the product being scanned.

The recently released Model DC3000 features Automatic Edge Tracking and 1/4" resolution across the strip width. It has 16 User Alarms, can be programmed to operate as either a Whole Sheet detector (single channel) or up to 16 Lanes (multi-channel, or "Zones"), and has three User inputs for On/Off Line, Roll Change, and Alarm Reset. Product Files that control the detector operation can be saved and recalled at any time, making changes between different products simple. The DC3000 is controlled by an industrial Touchscreen PC, has a very small footprint, is light weight and has no moving parts.

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Binks Industries, Inc.
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