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Binks Company History

Melvin J. Binks invented and designed the Binks Pinhole Detector. Binks Industries first Pinhole Detector was built in 1962 in Chicago, IL. Binks Industries has since produced over 500 detectors that are in use Worldwide. The first detector Binks manufactured has been returned for an "Upgrade", to bring it up to "state of the art” twice and is still functioning. Melvin J. Binks sold the business to the present owners in 1978. Binks Industries was located in Wood Dale, IL and is presently in Montgomery, IL.

All Binks Industries Pinhole Detectors can be custom made to meet your specific requirements.

Why Choose Binks?

We believe that we offer the best Pinhole Detectors on the market today. Our designs are robust, reliable, easy to calibrate, and can be tailored to any need.

Binks Industries, Inc. * 1997-A Aucutt Road * Montgomery, IL * USA * 60538 * (630) 801-1100