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Binks Model DC3000

The Binks DC3000 is our newest Pinhole Detector design, and is packed with standard features. The DC3000 uses infrared transmitters and receivers, which provides immunity from ambient light and helps prevent false triggering. The DC3000 uses easily replaceable modules for the transmitters and receivers, and is built in 1 foot increments. There are 48 sensors per foot, giving the detector 1/4" resolution across the strip width and provides Automatic Edge Tracking without any light shields. Individual sensors can be combined into programmable "Lanes", with a maximum of 16 Lanes available. Each Lane has it's own output relay and defect counter.

The DC3000 uses a Industrial Touch Screen PC to provide control and data logging for the detector. The Product Records allows the user to set up multiple configurations of the detector for different types of products, and recall them at any time. The Roll Map display gives constant status of the detector, including a history of any holes found. History (or Roll Map) files are kept on the PC and can be accessed remotely. The DC3000 software has many standard features, but it can also be modified to add customer specific features,

The DC3000 can accept line speed information in two ways, either as a customer supplied DC voltage that is proportional to the line speed (analog, standard feature), or using a pulse encoder (digital, optional feature) supplied by Binks. When line speed information is used, DC3000 can calculate the location of defects along the length of the strip, and will store the location of the defect in the History file. The optional pulse encoder provides a very accurate location of defect locations, as well as the length of the current product being inspected.

The DC3000 has Remote Inputs that can be used to control the detector from customer equipment, if desired. The controls are: ON/OFF LINE, ALARM RESET, and ROLL CHANGE.

The advanced receiver circuitry in the DC3000 automatically adjusts itself to the material under test, allowing it to find holes in almost any material, even transparent film! For materials that are completely opaque to infrared light, such as metal or plastic, the DC3000 can find holes as small as .001" at line speeds up to 5000fpm. For materials that are not opaque, such as paper, vinyl, and plastic, the smallest hole size detectable will depend on the properties of the material and how the detector responds to it.

If you have material that you would like us to test, send us a sample that is at least 3 feet square. We will test it and report the results to you. All materials and information is kept private, and we will return or destroy the samples at your request.

Model DC3000 Features

  • Aluminum Frame Construction, approximately 20 lbs. per foot
  • Infrared Transmitters and Receivers
  • Line Speeds to 5000 FPM
  • Material Thickness as low as .001"
  • Variable Hole Detection - Down to .001"*
  • Detector Widths from 1 foot to 24 feet, in 1 foot increments
  • Automatic or Fixed Edge Tracking
  • Programmable for either Whole Sheet or Lane Operation
  • 16 Programmable User Output Relays (Alarms)
  • Detector Fault Output
  • Industrial PC for Control and Roll Map Display
  • Remote Inputs for detector control
  • Small Footprint - 5" Wide x 12" High x (#Modules + 12") Long
  • Roll Map History files kept on PC, remotely accessible
  • Up to 200 Product Records
  • 3", 6", or 9" Gap between RX and TX

    *Minimum hole size depends on material properties.
  • Model DC3000 Applications

  • Continuous Strip Inspection
  • Shear Lines
  • Slit Lines
  • Battery Separator Material
  • Metals - Plated or Unplated
  • Plastics
  • Paper
  • Foil
  • Model DC3000 Options

  • Pulse Encoder Interface
  • Spray Marker System
  • Split Design
  • User Specified Output Interface
  • >9" Gap between RX and TX
  • Binks Industries, Inc. * 1997-A Aucutt Road * Montgomery, IL * USA * 60538 * (630) 801-1100