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Single Channel Pinhole Detectors

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Binks Single Channel Detectors

Binks Industries manufactures several different single channel Pinhole Detectors. Each is designed for a particular application, and can easily be adapted to your particular needs. What model you need depends on many factors, such as line speed, width and thickness of the material, what kind of material you want to scan, what size hole you wish to find, just to list a few. We will work with you to determine which model is right for your application.

All of our models incorporate modular design, easily replaceable critical components, Phototube protection circuits, more sensitive and selective detection circuits, and are easy to interface to any equipment.

Binks Model 8411

The 8411 is built with a lighter guage steel, and is intended for lower speed applications with lighter materials.


Binks Model 8000

The Binks 8000 is the workhorse of the single channel Pinhole Detector designs. It is constructed of heavy guage steel, and is used in high speed lines with heavier materials.


Binks Model 8027

The 8027 utilizes a "C" Frame design that allows the detector to be easily removed from the line. It is constructed of heavy gauge steel, and can take lots of abuse.


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