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Weld Location Detector

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Binks Weld Detector

The Binks Weld Detector can eliminate shear, die, punch and rollforming damage caused by impact with weld joints. This model detects only the large weld location holes and sends a signal to notify other equipment of the presence of these holes.

Weld Detector Features

  • Unitized Construction
  • Instant Start Cool Running Light Source
  • Line Speeds to 6000 FPM
  • Material Thickness up to .250"
  • Strip Widths to 96"
  • Shutter Protected Phototube
  • Simple Calibration
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Built-in Systems Test

  • Weld Detector Applications

  • Continuous Strip Lines
  • Shear Lines
  • Rollform Lines
  • Metals - Plated or Unplated
  • Foils
  • Binks Industries, Inc. * 1997-A Aucutt Road * Montgomery, IL * USA * 60538 * (630) 801-1100